Say it once. Sell it often - Interactive Guide

Your interactive guide to launching your online course

This is a guide with a difference. Not only can you read through it, you can also ask questions along the way.

1. Preparation – how to prepare yourself for creating an online course
2. Plan – how to make sure you create your course
3. Pick – how to pick a course that will sell
4. Pilot – how to generate sales before you create your course
5. Price – how to make sure you charge enough
6. Produce – how to record and edit your course
7. Publish – how to make it available online
8. Promote – how to launch and market your course to your ideal student
9. Programme – how to turn your course into a Programme and 10x your income

Your Instructor

Johnny Beirne
Johnny Beirne

I help experts and specialists like you create and launch an online training business.

The reason for having an online training business is simple, more income and impact and more freedom.

I have been building successful online courses since 2013 and I do everything I can to help others do the same.

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