Power Up With PowerPoint

How to create high impact visuals in minutes to win more business without paying for Photoshop, Canva or being a Graphic Designer

Experts, Learn How To Create Stunning Slides, PDF Guides, Proposals and Social Media Images For Free Without Photoshop, Canva or Graphic Design Skills.

This will be really beneficial if you are a course creator, a coach, a consultant, a trainer, a mentor, an advisor or an entrepreneur, you will benefit from this training for the rest of your working life.

Here are just some of the items you will learn:

1. How to create professional slides fast for Zoom meetings, live online training and online courses!

2. How to use PowerPoint to create professional graphics and reusable templates for fast social media posts that stand out (so that you don't have to pay for a Photoshop or a Canva subscription)!

3. How to create professional brochures, PDF guides (eBooks) and proposals with PowerPoint that do you justice!

4. How to create Eventbrite and Facebook Banners like the one you see here in minutes!

Your Instructor

Johnny Beirne
Johnny Beirne

I help experts and specialists like you create and launch an online training business.

The reason for having an online training business is simple, more income and impact and more freedom.

I have been building successful online courses since 2013 and I do everything I can to help others do the same.

Course Curriculum

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