How to do a Pilot 'Launch''

The slides from this video are also available to download below.

Here's the email I have used in the past with great success.

Would you be interested in getting involved in a pilot course on (enter course topic here)?

This pilot course will have X modules covering everything from ___________ to ____________

The Pilot Course cost is €95. That's a €NNN discount for you PLUS (add a bonus here if you have one)

The course will be delivered online over X weeks AND you get access to free LIVE group coaching calls every fortnight to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the course.

PILOT ACCESS CLOSES ON ________________

Why €95 instead of €NNN? Because, as we work through the course together, your feedback is very valuable and will help me improve the course content.

SO, I'd love if you would pick one of these 3 options:

1. Click here if your not interested below and we'll leave it at that OR

2. Reply with your phone number and I can call you with more details OR

3. Click here to check out all the info you'll need to get involved right now

Pick 3 :)

Kind regards,


P.S. The course will be €NNN when launched on (DATE) but you'll have it done by then if you book today.

How to do a pilot launch.pdf